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Headmaster's Welcome

Dear Prospective Students and Families,
At Lowndes Academy, we strive to provide every student in our care with a well-rounded educational experience in order to prepare them for the challenges of life after school. Set in a more intimate local setting where everybody knows your name, we are lucky to have faculty, staff, parents, and alumni involved in most every aspect of school and community life. We believe our more traditional approach to developing the whole child gives our students significant advantages that often cannot be measured.
While our teachers will ensure our students gain the skills necessary for academic success, we will also continue to foster an environment where students are encouraged to pursue excellence both inside and outside the classroom. We believe there are many opportunities through extracurricular activities to teach students about exercising sound judgment and responsible decision making.
For many years, I have held many different positions of leadership, prepared faculty for instruction, and educated students right here in the state of Alabama. My promise is that I will focus the experience and patience of the entire Lowndes Academy community behind preparing our students to be caring, compassionate, and competitive leaders who are ready to grab the torch and change tomorrow for the better.
Barry Mohun
Lowndes Academy
Office: (334) 278-3366